Storm Roofing Repairs

What Are Typical Storm Roofing Repairs?

Storms are incredibly powerful. The wind can move in various directions in a single storm. This causes the shingles on your roof to become damaged, sometimes blowing off. You may also have a situation where the flashing suffers damage, creating areas near the vents, chimney, and roof line where water can get into the roofing structure. This can cause a significant amount of damage, leading to mold growth if it is not repaired. Storm roofing repairs need to address any type of problem present.


There are other typical storm roofing repairs that can occur as well. For example, the roof can suffer pot marks and dents from hail. Hail can shatter some types of roofing shingles and roof tiles, creating areas of significant damage. You may have a tree branch that strikes the top of your roof, causing a hole. Lightning strikes can cause a fire risk. At Property Pros Consulting, it is our job to find out what happened so you can get the repairs you need.

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